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System Status

Teach Jupyter Hub Scheduler File system
External Network Globus

Jan 9 2020, 11:30 AM: External ssh connectivity restored, issue related to the university network.

Jan 9 2020, 9:24 AM: We received reports of users having trouble connecting into the SciNet data centre; we're investigating. Systems are up and running and jobs are fine.

As a work around, in the meantime, it appears to be possible to log into graham, cedar or beluga, and then ssh to niagara.

Downtime announcement: To prepare for the upcoming expansion of Niagara, there will be a one-day maintenance shutdown on January 13th 2020, starting at 8 am EST. There will be no access to Niagara, Mist, HPSS or teach, nor to their file systems during this time.

QuickStart Guides

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