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System Status

Niagara Mist Teach Rouge
Jupyter Hub Scheduler File system Burst Buffer
HPSS Login Nodes External Network Globus

Tue Oct 19 noon EDT - Thu Oct 21 noon EDT: Niagara at Scale: Only users of selected projects run at large scale during these 48 hours. Other users can still login and access their files, and submit jobs for after the event. SOSCIP and Mist users are not affected.

Tue Oct 12 14:30 EDT 2021 Mist login node is back up.

Tue Oct 12 12:30 EDT 2021 Mist login node is down for maintenance.

Mon Sep 27 16:11 EDT 2021 HPSS is back online.

Wed Sep 23 17:23 EDT 2021 Systems being brought back online. HPSS may be down for some more days.

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