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System Status

P7 P8 Teach Jupyter Hub
Scheduler File system External Network Globus


Note that the datacentre shutdown has been moved from May 27-28 to May 29-30, 2019!

Please be advised that on Wednesday May 29th through Thursday May 30th, the SciNet datacentre will undergo a two-day maintenance shutdown, starting at 7 am EDT on Wednesday May 29th. There will be no access to any of the SciNet systems (Niagara, P7, P8, BGQ, SGC, HPSS, Teach cluster, or the file systems) during this time.

This is necessary to finish the installation of an emergency power generator, to perform the annual cooling tower maintenance, and to enhance login security.

We expect to be able to bring the systems back online the evening of May 30th. Due to the enhanced login security, the ssh applications of users will need to update their known host list. More detailed information on this procedure will be sent shortly before the systems are back online.

Fri 5 Apr 2019: Software updates on Niagara: The default CCEnv software stack now uses avx512 on Niagara, and there is now a NiaEnv/2019b stack ("epoch").

Thu 4 Apr 2019: The 2019 compute and storage allocations have taken effect on Niagara.

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