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The following commercial software packages are currently (March 2020) installed in the Niagara software stack:

Module Versions (commercial) Documentation Description
ansys 19.2  19.0  18.2 Ansys
comsol 5.3a COMSOL
gurobi 8.1.1  7.5.2 Gurobi
sentaurus 2017.09-SP2 Sentaurus
vasp new-5.4.1-vtst  5.4.4  5.4.1-Wannier90-3.0  5.4.1-Wannier90-1.2  5.4.1-vtst  5.4.1-intel  5.3.5 VASP

Note that other commercial software is also available through the Compute Canada software stack, such as STAR-CCM+. This stack is available by loading the CCEnv module. Note that in most cases you will still need to purchase a license to use this software.