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The Sentaurus Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) tools are installed in the Niagara software stack.

Getting a license

Licenses are provided by CMC Microsystems. Canadian students and faculty can register at this page.

Once you have an account, you must contact CMC and tell them you want to use the Synopsis Sentaurus tools on Niagara, and give them your SciNet username.

Running using the Niagara installation

Sentaurus 2017.09-SP2

Commercial modules can only be accessed using the 'module use' command.

module use /scinet/niagara/software/commercial/modules
module load synopsys/sentaurus/2017.09-SP2

Running Sentaurus

Example submission script for a job running on 1 node, with max walltime of 11 hours:

#SBATCH --nodes=1
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=40
#SBATCH --time=11:00:00
#SBATCH --job-name test

module use /scinet/niagara/software/commercial/modules
module load synopsys/sentaurus/2017.09-SP2

# DIRECTORY TO RUN - $SLURM_SUBMIT_DIR is directory job was submitted from

sdevice myinputfile.cmd

Note that this file is only using a single core. You must use all 40 cores which you are given by the scheduler. If you are running serial jobs please visit the serial jobs page for more information.