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There are several tools available that allow you to check on your SciNet resource usage.


SciNet usage reports are now available on the CCDB website. Login and then click on "View Group Usage" under the "My Account" menu.

Please let us know if you have comments/questions about these reports. PIs and all people that they sponsor will be able to view the reports for only their group. There is a summary report which gives a high-level overview for those groups with RAC allocations as well as more detailed cumulative reports which breakdown usage by allocation, system and user. These are all updated nightly.

Command Line Utilites

There are several command line utilities that can give you information about your SciNet usage. The most important is "scinet niagara priority":

  $ scinet niagara priority
  Account def-someuser-ab has used 226% of its rolling Niagara allocation (~2 cores).

      User  Share of recent usage
  --------  ---------------------
  user1                     89.8%
  user2                     13.1%
  user3                     45.6%
  user4                     77.5%

If your group has used significantly more than its allocation then your group's job's priorities will be reduced, and it will take longer for your jobs to run.


The my.SciNet website gives up-to-date details of your jobs, including CPU and memory usage. It does not, however, give cumulative information about your aggregate job usage.