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Below is list of handy command-line utilities written by SciNet to help manage your data and compute.

Note that in the table, optional arguments are denoted with square brackets (i.e. '[]'), while mandatory arguments are denoted with angular brackets (i.e. '<>').


Command Arguments Description Cluster
quota Short overview of a user's storage usage. Niagara
diskUsage -h to see all command options Informs about the user and group file system usage. Niagara, BGQ
topUserDirOver1000list Lists your directories that have over 1,000 files Niagara
topUserDirOver1GBlist Lists your directories that have over 1 GB of data Niagara

Jobs & Queues

Command Arguments Description Cluster
qsum most squeue arguments work Lists jobs running or in the queue, grouped by user. Niagara
llq2 Detailed information on jobs that are actively running. BGQ
scinet niagara priority Compute usage in the last 7 days, and how this affects your priority in the queue. Niagara
nodeperf [userName] Who is doing what on the current node? Niagara
jobperf <jobId | jobName> Informs about the performance of all nodes of a given job. Niagara
debugjob [number of nodes] Requests a time-limited interactive session of up to 4 dedicated nodes Niagara


Command Arguments Description Cluster
ml "module list" Niagara
ml <modulename> "module load <modulename>" Niagara
ml X "module X" Niagara

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