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You can also type "hsi -?" to get just a command line summary

HPSS File and Directory Commands

get, cget, mget, recv            - Copy HPSS file to local directory
put, cput, mput, replace, save, store, send - Copy a local file to HPSS
cp, copy                         - Copy a file within HPSS
delete, mdelete, erase, rm       - Remove a file from HPSS
ls, list                         - List directory
pwd                              - Print current directory
du                               - Print disk usage
find                             - Traverse a directory tree looking for a file
ln                               - Create symbolic link in HPSS
mv, move, rename                 - Rename an HPSS file
mkdir, md, add                   - Create an HPSS directory
rmdir, rd, remove                - Delete an HPSS directory
cd, cdls                         - Change current directory
touch                            - Update last access time

Local File and Directory Commands

lcd, lcdls  - Change local directory
lls         - List local directory
lpwd        - Print current local directory
!<command>  - Issue shell command

File Administrative Information

chgrp  - Change group id of file or directory
chmod  - Change permissions of file or directory
chown  - Change owner of file or directory
umask  - Set file creation permission mask

HSI commands

help             - Display help file
quit, exit, end  - Terminate HSI
glob             - Toggle wildcard expansion
hash             - Toggle file transfer hashmarks
in               - Read commands from a local file
out              - Write HSI output to a local file
log              - Write all HSI commands and responses to a local log file
bell             - Toggles terminal bell
prompt           - Toggles HSI prompting for mget, mput, and mdelete
  • HSI is a command driven interface to the HPSS Mass Storage System.
  • HSI can accept input several different ways:
  From a command line.     Example: hsi
  Single line execution.   Example: hsi "mkdir foo; cd foo; put data_file"
  From a command file.     Example: hsi "in command_file"
  • HSI can read from standard input and write to standard output.

Command line example:

  tar cvf - . | hsi put - : data.tar
  hsi get - : data.tar | tar xvf -
  • Interactive example:
  put "|tar cvf - *.c"  : data.tar
  get "|tar xvf -" : data.tar

WARNING: For 'get' and 'put' operations, HSI uses a different syntax than FTP to identify the local file name. The syntax uses a ':' to identify the local file name. See section 5.8 of the online documentation for details. Example: put local_file : hpss_file

  • Recursive operations are allowed for the following commands:
   cget, chgrp, chmod, chown, cput, delete, get, ls, mdelete, mget,
   migrate, mput, purge, put, rm, stage, touch
  • Wildcards are supported. See section 5.9 of the online documentation.

The complete HSI manual is online at http://www.mgleicher.us