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Teach Cluster
Ibm idataplex dx360 m4.jpg
Installed (orig Feb 2013), Oct 2018
Operating System Linux (Centos 7.4)
Number of Nodes 42
Interconnect Infiniband (QDR)
Ram/Node 64 Gb
Cores/Node 16 (
Login/Devel Node teach01 (from teach.scinet)
Vendor Compilers icc/gcc
Queue Submission slurm


The Teach Cluster consists of 42 repurposed x86_64 nodes each with two octal core Intel Xeon (Sandybridge) E5-2650 2.0GHz CPUs with 64GB of RAM per node. The nodes are interconnected with 2.6:1 blocking QDR Infiniband for MPI communications and disk I/O to the SciNet Niagara filesystems. In total this cluster contains 672 x86_64 cores.

Login/Devel Node

Login via ssh with your scinet account to teach.scinet.utoronto.ca, which will bring directly to teach01 the gateway/devel node for this cluster. From teach01 you can compile, do short tests, and submit your jobs to the queue.




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