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System Status

Niagara Mist Teach Rouge
Jupyter Hub Scheduler File system Burst Buffer
HPSS Login Nodes External Network Globus

Thu Jan 6 08:20 EST AM 2022 The SciNet filesystem is having issues. We are investigating.

Emergency shutdown Friday January 7, 2022: An emergency shutdown of all SciNet to replace a crucial file system component is planned to take place on Friday January 7, 2022, starting at 8am EST, and will require at least 6 hours of downtime. Updates will be posted during the day.

Fri Dec 24 13:31 EST PM 2021 Please note the following scheduled network maintenance, which will result in loss of connectivity to the SciNet datacentre: Start time Dec 29, 00:30 EST Estimated duration 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Mon Dec 20 4:29 EST PM 2021 Filesystem is back to normal.

Mon Dec 20 2:53 EST PM 2021 Filesystem problem - We are investigating.

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